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New collection and recycling system for household and commercial packaging waste since 1 July 2016

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On 1 January 2015, the Austrian monopoly on the release from the respective obligations, collection and recycling of household packaging was broken up, and there is now competition in the field of packaging take-back and recycling. ELS Austria GmbH brings a breath of fresh air to the packaging recycling system solutions business and offers its customers fair prices for a reliable and legally compliant service. We are convinced that the Austrian economy looks positively on the liberalisation of the market and will benefit from this long-term as competition results in high quality services at a fair price. We therefore hope that you will be impressed by the extensive range of services we offer.

Closing the loop - together

…with ELS Austria, your partner for the licensing, take-back and recycling of household and commercial packaging in Austria

ELS Austria GmbH key facts

  • established in May 2015
  • notification of approval for operation of take-back and recycling systems for sales and commercial packaging received on 17 June 2016
  • started to operate on 1 July 2016
  • sister company of ELS Dual, the ELS Europäische LizenzierungsSysteme GmbH dual system provider in Germany
  • member of ASCON Resource Management Holding GmbH
  • legal advisor RA Dr. Johannes Lehner, AIGNER + PARTNER RECHTSANWÄLTE in Vienna

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Member of VOEB - Verband Österreichischer Entsorgungsbetriebe

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